Ajooni: Serial Gossip! Rajveer Ices Ajooni's Burns!

Ajooni: Serial Gossip! Rajveer Ices Ajooni's Burns!

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In the upcoming story of the Ajooni serial, Rajveer ices Ajooni’s burns alone in their room.

The current track of Ajooni revolves around Dolly and Harman working together to cause trouble for Ajooni since Mehr put gum inside Dolly’s hair to teach her a lesson.

Dolly gets burnt in the kitchen due to the hot oil splattering all over her back.

According to the latest spoilers of Ajooni, Rajveer will not hesitate before grabbing a pack of ice and a towel to heal Ajooni’s wounds.

Ajooni will reprimand Rajveer but he won’t go.

Finally sitting on the bed with her back facing Rajveer, Ajooni will let Rajveer touch her to ice the burns.

As per the latest gossip of the Ajooni serial, Rajveer will ask Ajooni to scold him if his touch feels wrong to her.

However, Ajooni will melt with Rajveer’s devotion, causing her to recline against a caring Rajveer who loves his Vohti immensely.

Let us see how Ajooni and Rajveer come closer and their romantic antenna touches the sky in the future episodes of Ajooni.

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