Anupama: Gossip! Anupama stands against stereotypes of marriage expenses!

Anupama: Gossip! Anupama stands against stereotypes of marriage expenses!

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In the upcoming story of Anupama, Anupama will break through the stereotypes regarding the marriage of daughters in Indian families.

So far in the story of Anupama, Anupama and Anuj are planning their dream marriage along with the family members who support their love.

After Anupama receives her contract of doing dance shows in every corner of India and even in foreign countries, she is out to create her path by herself.

Anupama confidently hands over her earnings to Hasmukh and announces that she will bear her marriage expenses by herself.

With its theme of woman empowerment, Anupama has always shown situations where we question our patriarchal rules of society that discriminate against women.

Why should the marriage of a girl be a burden for the parents when the girl can earn on her own?

This time too, Anupama is proving that she is self-sufficient herself and does not require support to make her own choices.

Anupama has decided that she will break every orthodoxical stereotype related to discrimination against women.

Let us see how Anuj and Anupama set an example of an equal couple, both in terms of love and rights, in front of the viewers in the upcoming episodes of Anupama.




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