Anupama: Kavya sneaks into Shah house

Anupama: Kavya sneaks into Shah house

Anupama Upcoming Spoiler: Kavya sneaks into Sha house to steal documents

In the upcoming episodes of the Anupama serial, Kavya (Madalasa Sharma) will sneak into the Shah house at midnight to steal divorce documents.

So far in Anupama story, Pakhi got emotional remembering how she took Anupama for granted while Kinjal sang a lullaby for her and put her to sleep.

Meanwhile, Anirudh advised Kavya to rethink if she wants to actually marry Vanraj as she doesn't have faint in him.

Now as per the serial news of Anupama, Kavya will plan to get revenge on Vanraj and will sneak into the Shah house to steal the documents of divorce finalization.

Further, upon Vanraj and Anupama's arrival, she will mock them and will reveal the documents to the Shah's while revealing that they are getting divorced in three days.

Let's see what will Kavya do next in the future story of Anupama serial (अनुपमा).

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