Anupama: Kinjal brings good news for Shah family

Anupama: Kinjal brings good news for Shah family

Anupama Spoiler Alert: Kinjal to give the good news for being pregnant to the family

In the upcoming episodes of Anupama serial, Kinjal (Nidhi Shah) will reveal that she is pregnant to the Shah family and the family will celebrate.

So far in Anupama story, a thief came into the Shah house at night to steal food for her kids while Leela told her to come in the morning to get a job and gave her food.

Further, Kavya is on her way to the resort where Vanraj and Kavya are staying to bring Vanraj but is stopped but the police.

Now as per the serial gossips of Anupama, Kinjal will feel dizzy and will be about to fall while Rakhi and Leela will catch her and will bring her inside the house.

Kinjal will inform them that she was sick in the morning too while the ladies will interpret that Kinjal is pregnant and will get happy.

However, Kinjal will worry that Paritosh is not ready for a baby and will get tensed.

Let's see what will Kinjal do next in the future story of Anupama (अनुपमा) serial.

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