Anupama: Latest Gossip! Maya Gets Obsessed With Anuj!

Anupama: Latest Gossip! Maya Gets Obsessed With Anuj!

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In the upcoming story of Anupama, Maya will get obsessed with Anuj! 

So far in the story of the Anupamaa serial, Toshu gets paralyzed while Anupama goes in shock.

In Anupama's absence at Kapadia House, Maya tries to get closer to Choti Anu as well as Anuj. 

Anuj is very well-versed with Maya's nature and knows what she is trying to do behind Anupama's back.

According to the latest spoiler of Anupama, Choti Anu will make a family drawing, including Anupama, Anuj, her, and Maya. 

However, Anuj will fold Maaya's portion out and tell Anu that family only means her, Anupama, & him. 

Further, as per the latest gossip of this serial, Maya will also try to seduce Anuj as Anupama is busy, overlooking Toshu who needs help. 

Let us see how MaAn (Anuj & Anupama) realize this cheap trick of Maya and eliminate her from their & Choti Anu's life in the future episodes of Anupamaa.

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