Anupama Namaste America: Prequel Spoiler! Anupama is a typical Indian wife!

Anupama Namaste America: Prequel Spoiler! Anupama is a typical Indian wife!

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Anupama Namaste America is a chapter from Anupama's youth when Anupama had sacrificed her wishes for the peace and happiness of the family.

In this Prequel of Anupama, Anupama is shown as a traditional Indian housewife who starts her day with the first light of dawn. 

She is a tribute to all the women who spend most of their days taking care of other members of the family. 

Anupama has a simple heart which is free from all cunningness and believes in letting go of matters that only concerns her. 

For instance, she tells Hasmukh that her future depends on Vanraj's future, her mood depends on Vanraj's mood.

Later, she takes the side of Leela against Moti Baa, despite Leela's ill-treatment of her.

Anupama is a woman who never complains or expresses her wishes to her own husband despite feeling disappointed and sorrowful.

Anupama also defends Vanraj in front of his family for not taking her to the office party. 

Later, Moti Baa secretly arranges for Anupama to go with Vanraj.

Anupama's love for dance and her desire to do something big in life can be clearly seen in the first episode of Anupama Prequel Story.

17 years ago Anupama is someone searching for her identity in her family despite having dreams of her own.

The makeup and screenplay give the story and the actors a look of their young age which is commendable.

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