Anupama Namaste America: Prequel Spoiler! Vanraj's infamous love affairs!

Anupama Namaste America: Prequel Spoiler! Vanraj's infamous love affairs!

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As per the spoilers of Anupama's prequel, Vanraj was the same self seventeen years ago as he is now.

Vanraj has always liked Anupama when she is subjugated and feeds his ego be it in recent episodes or in the prequel story of Anupama.

Vanraj always used Anupama for his own benefit. He always saw Anupama as a servant who catered to all his family's needs.

To enjoy his life and to enjoy his youth, he always looked out of the house.

All the viewers saw how Vanraj had affair with Kavya even when he was married to Anupama. He even tried to go close to Malvika to look for some profits out of the relationship.

As per the latest gossips of Anupama Namaste America's story, Vanraj was no different back then.

Vanraj had an affair with a girl named Ritika during his college and is now planning to reignite the bond as she is coming back from the USA.

What will Vanraj do now? Will Vanraj use Anupama's opportunity to go to America in his favour and get closer to Ritika?

Let us watch the future episodes of Anupama's prequel story to know how Vanraj never satisfied himself with one woman and became famous for his infamous love affairs.

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