Anupama: New Twist! Vanraj was HIT on his HEAD! Who did it?

Anupama: New Twist! Vanraj was HIT on his HEAD! Who did it?

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In the upcoming story of Anupama, Vanraj does not remember what happened at the cliff and is suffering from short memory loss.

So far in the serial Anupama, Anuj’s health has deteriorated and he has become unresponsive while Vanraj is able to recover and can talk.

Further, Vanraj has apologized to Anupama for the chaos happening while firmly stating that he does not remember what happened on the cliff before he and Anuj both fell from it.

Now as per the spoilers of the Anupama serial, Barkha seems delighted with Anuj’s unresponsive states as she can plan to handle the Kapadia Empire in his absence.

Meanwhile, Vanraj is living in a constant state of fear and anxiety as he doesn’t remember what happened on the cliff but thinks that he might have pushed Anuj in his furiousness at that time.

Who caused injury to Vanraj?

However, Vanraj has sustained an injury on his head which is the cause of his slow memory.

It seems as if the injury is not natural from the fall but as if someone has caused it intentionally to frame Vanraj and make him not remember anything from that day.

Adhik has the most plausible motives for injuring Anuj and framing Vanraj due to his very obvious plan of using Pakhi to control Anupama.

Did Barkha help her brother Adhik in setting up the whole accident on the cliff so that they can together frame Vanraj and rule the Kapadia empire?

Let's see the future episodes to know whether Vanraj was hit on his head by someone to take advantage of the situation or is it the result of the fall only.

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