Anupama: Shruti Shows Madness to Anuj

Anupama: Shruti Shows Madness to Anuj

Shruti informs Anuj about the restaurant, Spice And Chutney getting closed soon which worries him as he thinks about Anupama's future.

Anuj reaches the restaurant to talk to Yashdeep regarding the help he wishes to offer to save Spice And Chutney. 

He proposes a deal saying he wants to buy the restaurant, which shocks Yashdeep, resulting in him asking Anuj the reason behind it.

Anuj confesses that he is concerned about Anupama's future and thus he is offering to help, knowing Anupama would never continue to work if he buys it.

To what extent will Anuj go to save Anupama's future?

Wait and watch to discover if the restaurant survives.

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