Anupama: Upcoming Twist! Rakhi seeks forgiveness from Anupama!

Anupama: Upcoming Twist! Rakhi seeks forgiveness from Anupama!

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In the upcoming story of Anupama, Rakhi Dave will seek forgiveness from Anupama for hiding the truth about Paritosh from her.

So far in the story of the serial, Anupama knows about Paritosh's love affair and how he cheated on Kinjal during her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Paritosh is shameless and asks Anupama to be silent same as Rakhi.

As per the spoilers of the Anupama serial, Rakhi Dave who has always enjoyed the drama in the Shah family and Anupama's life is herself in a conundrum when it came to her daughter Kinjal.

Rakhi Dave reveals how she was cheated on by her husband same as Anupama got duped by Vanraj.

In the upcoming twists of the serial, Rakhi apologizes to Anupama for not telling the truth earlier in the hospital and takes a promise from her to not tell about Paritosh and his lie to the family.

Rakhi says that Kinjal is not as strong as Anupama and will not be able to bear the taunts of society once Paritosh leaves her.

How do the taunts of society make even a lie to win over the truth?

Let us see whether Anupama confronts Paritosh when he lies to Kinjal to be her best husband or if Barkha will be the one to expose Toshu to the whole family.

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