Appnapan: Upcoming Story! Pallavi and Nikhil to reunite in Apnapan?

Appnapan: Upcoming Story! Pallavi and Nikhil to reunite in Apnapan?

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Ekta Kapoor’s new serial Appnapan is all set to go on air on the viewer’s television screens on 15 June 2022 at 10:00 P.M. on the channel Sony TV.

As per the latest gossip, the story of the serial Apnapan is about a married couple that gets separated after some of their marriage.

Nikhil, the male protagonist, is a charming businessman, Michelin chef, and suave restauranter while Pallavi, the female protagonist, is an independent, selfless woman, and a caring and loving mom.

Despite doing everything in their hands as single parents, to fulfill the emptiness of the other missing parent, Pallavi, and Nikhil are failing miserably.

The children with Nikhil crave his attention, love, and affection which makes them wish for their mom’s presence in their lives.

On the other hand, children with Pallavi are irked with her overly cautious and worrisome nature and attention which makes them wish for their dad’s presence in their lives.

In the upcoming story of Apnapan, Pallavi's daughter will decide to marry the love of her life.

Pallavi, being an ideal lady, will send one of the invitation cards to Nikhil so that he can also be a part of his daughter's happiness.

Even though Pallavi and Nikhil have separated years ago yet in their hearts they belong to each other.  

The pain they gave each other has kept the love of their relationship alive somewhere inside them.

Let’s see if the love for their children will once again bring Nikhil and Pallavi close to each other and how their children play the role of fate in uniting them, in the future episodes of the serial Apna pan: Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan.

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