Bahu Begam latest gossip: Azaan to marry Noor for ‘Hidden Reason’

Bahu Begam latest gossip: Azaan to marry Noor for ‘Hidden Reason’

Bahu Begam spoilers:

Colors TV’s upcoming serial, Bahu Begum, will witness a breathtaking story of Nawabi Prince Azaan, his love Shyra, and his best friend, Noor.

As shown in the latest promo of Bahu Begham serial, Azaan, walking hand-in-hand with Shyra, welcomes Noor as his wife.

Azaan states that he married Noor not because his religion allows him to marry twice but because of a secret motive which might make the viewers hold him wrong.

Now, after seeing the promos of Bahu-Begum serial we can dig out some potential spoilers of the approaching episodes of the show.

Here we are giving you some interesting gossips of Bahu Beghum serial which might turn out true about the story/plot of the newbie serial.

  • Azaan and Shyra is a married couple but Shyra might be infertile. This issue would have forced Azaan’s family members to compel him to marry Noor who would give birth to the family’s heir.
  • The families of Azaan and Shyra are hardcore enemies and so they married secretly. Now, because of family pressure, Azaan is compelled to marry Noor. Noor, however, is ready to accept Azaan’s relationship with Shyra for the sake of his friendship.

Well, with these exciting spoiler possibilities, Bahu-Beghum becomes a must watch for the audience. So enjoy it on July 15th, 2019.

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