BALH2: Serial Gossips! Lakhan To Father Ram & Priya's Children!

BALH2: Serial Gossips! Lakhan To Father Ram & Priya's Children!

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In the upcoming story of Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2, Ram and Priya's characters will soon die in a housefire at Kapoor Mansion, leading Lakhan to father Pihu! 

So far in the story of BALH2, Priya urges Avani to get Lakhan out of the jail by blackmailing Yash.

Meanwhile, Sid gets tired of Priya instigating Avni against him and bribes some goons to kill her.

According to the latest spoiler of BALH 2, Lakhan will come out of jail soon and Ram will get to know Swati's truth and Nandini's wickedness.

As per the upcoming twist of BALH2, Ram, and Priya will be shown dead before the leap begins.

Before Ram & Priya dies, Nandini Kapoor will die too. 

Ram and Priya will succumb to death, but their baby, Prachi, will survive the accident.

Lakhan will father Pihu and Prachi after RaYa's death and will be their fatherly figure in the future episodes of BALH2.

Let us see how RaYa's lovely, story comes to an end, making everyone cry in the upcoming episodes of BALH2.

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