BALH2: Upcoming Story! Pihu Goes Missing, Ram Is Crying!

BALH2: Upcoming Story! Pihu Goes Missing, Ram Is Crying!

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In the upcoming story of Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2, Pihu goes missing after learning the truth that Ram is her father.

So far in the story of the serial, Pihu has been staying with Mr Khadoos unaware that the father she has been searching for her whole life is no one other than her Mr Khadoos.

As per the spoilers of BALH2, when Priya and Ram are arguing regarding the CCTV footage and the custody of Pihu, Pihu gets to know that Ram is her father.

However, amidst the fight, Ram and Priya do not realize that Pihu is surprised by the truth and goes missing from there.

In the upcoming twists of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, Ram is crying while Priya assures herself that Pihu is not kidnapped and also gives hope to Ram that Pihu is not only attached to Priya now but with Ram also.

Let us watch the future episode of BALH2 to know where Pihu is crying secretly after learning the big truth of her life and how Pihu brings Ram and Priya together.

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