Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD): Upcoming Story! Banni reveals her past!

Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD): Upcoming Story! Banni reveals her past!

Bunny Chao Home Delivery Upcoming Story, Serial Spoiler, New BCHD Twist, Latest Gossip, and Trending News:

In the upcoming story of Banni Chow Home Delivery, Banni will reveal the past about how her mother died and she became an orphan.

The current track of Banni Chow Home Delivery revolves around Manini planning to prevent Banni from attending the marriage so that she doesn’t find anything and stop the marriage.

Afterward, Manini insults Banni in front of everyone at the party by accusing her mother of being a mistress of a rich person and leaving her children to stay with the rich man.

As per the latest twists of Bunni Chow Home Delivery, Banni has had enough of Manini’s low blows and reveals the truth to everyone about how her mother used to work hard to raise her and how an evil businessman wanted her mother.

With a heavy voice and unshed tears in her eyes, Banni also reveals how the businessman kidnapped her mother and how only her corpse was found three days later.

In the future episodes of the BCHD serial, we will see Banni investing to find out the truth behind the whole blood test fiasco and confirm whether it was Yuvan’s blood or not.

Let us see if Viraj gets exposed in the upcoming episodes of Banni Chow Home Delivery.

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