Barrister Babu: Anirudh decides to divorce Bondita

Barrister Babu: Anirudh decides to divorce Bondita

Barrister Babu Upcoming story:

In the future episodes of Barrister Babu serial, Anirudh (Pravisht Mishra) will decide to divorce Bondita (Aura Bhatnagar) while Sampoorna will try to instigate Bondita.

Up until now in Barrister Babu's story, Anirudh and Bondita came home while some two people came there and informed him that his petition to make child marriage illegal has been accepted.

Further,  they told him to break his relation with Bondita as a way to inspire others to accept the law.

Now as per the latest spoilers of Barrister Babu, Sampoorna will tell Bondita that she will be the first girl whom her husband will divorce and will provoke her.

Bondita will confront Anirudh and will ask him if he will divorce and how will he make her a Barrister.

Anirudh will hug her and will say that he will always be with her making her happy.

Let's see what will Sampoorna do next in the upcoming twists of Barrister Babu (बैरिस्टर बाबू).

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