Barrister Babu: Thakumaa gets Anirudh arrested

Barrister Babu: Thakumaa gets Anirudh arrested

Barrister Babu upcoming twist:

In the forthcoming episodes of Barrister Babu serial, Anirudh (Pravisht Mishra) will get arrested by Thakumaa's orders while Bondita (Aura Bhatnagar) will try to save him.

The current story of Barrister Babu serial revolves around Thakumaa making Bondita do hardships to prove that she is pure while Anirudh tries to stop her.

Further, in the last episode of Barrister Babu, Anirudh saved Bondita from snakes and revealed Thakumaa's truth to her.

Now as per the serial spoilers of Barrister Babu, Anirudh and Bondita will be about to leave the village while Thakumaa will come there with police and will get Anirudh arrested.

However, upon reaching the Haveli, Bondita will rebuke Thakumaa and will tell her that Anirudh has revealed the truth to her.

She will demand Thakumaa to release Anirudh.

Let's see if Thakumaa complies with Bondita's demanding the upcoming story of Barrister Babu.

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