Barsaatein: Upcoming Story! Aradhana is Angry With Malini!

Barsaatein: Upcoming Story! Aradhana is Angry With Malini!

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In the upcoming story of Barsaatein, Aradhana will be angry with Malini.

So far in the story of Barsaatein, Aardhana has come to Dehradun to find her birth mother after she finds out that she has been living a lie all these years. 

Meanwhile, Aradhana's mother is living a perfect and well-settled life with her three daughters and husband who adores her. 

In the recent episode, Aradhana arrives at Malini's party to make deliveries but finds out by chance that Malini is her mother Mimmy.

As per the latest spoiler of Barsaatein, Aradhana feels angry towards Malini and tells her story about being abandoned by her mother, to see Malini's reaction.

What will happen now? Will Malini realise that she is the mother in Aradhana's story?

Let us continue to watch future episodes of Barsaatein to find out how Malini realises that Aradhana is her daughter but fear of being exposed to her new family stops her from accepting Aradhana as her daughter.

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