Barsatein: Future Story! Vivek Commits Suicide

Barsatein: Future Story! Vivek Commits Suicide

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In the upcoming story of Barsatein, Vivek will commit suicide.

The current track of Barsaatein revolves around Aradhana and Viren totally determined to put a stop to Kimaya and Reyansh's wedding as they have a strong belief that Reyansh has some wicked intentions behind this marriage.

On the other hand, Malini feels betrayed by Aradhana since she treats her like her daughter but Aradhana tries to halt Kimaya's wedding with Reyansh.

According to the latest twists of Barsatein, Jai is about to confess his feelings to Aradhana when just then, Malini enters and lashes out at her.

It is quite a shock for Aradhana to have that interruption right when she is processing everything.

In the upcoming episodes, Aradhana will spill the beans to Vivek because she believes he's her best shot at putting a stop to Kimaya and Reyansh's wedding.

Further, Vivek will confront Reyansh about everything and shame him for ruining the lives of two girls when suddenly, he decides to take drastic action and contemplates suicide by jumping off a bridge into the river.

Let us see how Vivek's bold move will put a full stop to Reyansh's evil intentions behind his marriage in future episodes of Barsatein.

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