Barsatein: Shocking Twist! Aradhana Thrashes Reyansh With a SLAP

Barsatein: Shocking Twist! Aradhana Thrashes Reyansh With a SLAP

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In the upcoming episodes of Barsaatein, Aradhna will land a tight slap on Reyansh's face.

The current story of Barsatein revolves around Aradhna and Reyansh getting a bit close to each other while the family misunderstands the love equations and plans Reyansh and Kimaya's wedding.

According to the latest spoiler of the Barsaatein serial, Reyansh will discover that Aradhna is pregnant.

He gets a call from the clinic after which he sees the pregnancy report with Aradhna's name on it which states that she is pregnant.

Without knowing that it is Kimaya's report, Reyansh confronts Aradhna and asks her whose child she is pregnant with.

Aradhana feels betrayed by Reyansh degrading her character like that and slaps him harshly instantly.

Let us see if Reyansh repeats the same mistake of accusing Aradhna without knowing the full truth in the future episodes of Barsaatein.

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