Barsatein: Upcoming Spoilers! Aradhana Outs Reyansh’s Truth

Barsatein: Upcoming Spoilers! Aradhana Outs Reyansh’s Truth

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In the upcoming story of Barsatein, Aradhana will finally reveal Reyansh’s truth to stop him from marrying Kimaya.

The current track of Barsaatein revolves around Aradhana leaking her and Reyansh’s video in an attempt to stop the marriage between Reyansh and Kimaya.

According to the latest twists of Barsatein, Aradhana decides to take the short end of the straw as she goes to Viren and reveals the connection between Reyansh’s past and the reason behind his insistence to marry Kimaya.

Viren is shocked but not surprised by this as he requests Aradhana to save his daughter from Reyansh’s revenge plan.

In the upcoming episodes, Malini will take it upon herself to get Reyansh and Kimaya married despite Aradhana’s attempts.

Let us see how Aradhana stops the marriage and goes against her mother to save Kimaya in the future episodes of Barsatein.

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