Barsatein: Upcoming Story! Jay Becomes an Antagonist

Barsatein: Upcoming Story! Jay Becomes an Antagonist

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In the upcoming story of Barsaatein, Jay's character is going to take a 180 degree turn towards the negative spectrum of emotions and actions.

 The current story of Barsatein revolves around Jay and Aradhna's pre wedding functions on full swing with constant hindrances from Reyansh. 

As of now, Jay crosses all the boxes for being a good boy, always being considerate and supportive of Aradhna.

However, according to the latest spoilers of this serial, with the growing interference of Reyansh in his and Aradhna's wedding, Jay won't be tolerate Aradhna's consideration for Reyansh that she still has. 

Plus knowing the fact that Aradhna will never love him like he does Reyansh, Jay will be compelled to pollute his feelings towards Reyansh.

Will Jay forget his and Reyansh's friendship at the cost of his growing jealousy & turn negative?

Let us watch the upcoming episodes of Barsatein to witness the rollercoaster of changing hearts and relationships in this triad.

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