Bekaboo: Upcoming Story! Patali asks Ranav to JOIN her TEAM!

Bekaboo: Upcoming Story! Patali asks Ranav to JOIN her TEAM!

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In the upcoming story of Bekaboo, Patali will try to get Ranav on her team as they are about to attack the Naaglok and destroy it.

The current story of Bekaboo revolves around Bela and Ranav coming to Raghu's wedding with Trisha where Bela meets Prarthna.

Bela decides to help Prarthna is saving her husband and daughter while Ranav hunts Yamini to know the truth about Aswath's death.

According to the upcoming twists of Bekaboo, Patali (played by Sudha Chandran from Naagin 6) will interfere between Ranav and Yamini's fight and stop them.

Patali asks them why they are fighting with each other when they belong to the same species and reveals her Rakshas form.

Patali tells Ranav to help his fellow community to take control over the earth by destroying the Naaglok and getting all the power.

Will Ranav agree to go on Patali's side and help her in fighting against the good?

Let us see what choice Ranav makes in the end in the upcoming episodes of Bekaboo.

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