Bhagya Lakshmi: Lakshmi Meets Harleen

Bhagya Lakshmi: Lakshmi Meets Harleen

Lakshmi meets Harleen after Lakshmi spots Rishi and Malishka and gets to know it's their 7th-anniversary party.

After that, she feels betrayed by Rishi and cries while Neelam spots her and follows her after which Lakshmi tries to hide herself as she doesn't want to reveal her and Paro's connection.

Lakshmi fears that Oberoi's family might snatch Paro from her.

Malishka will tell the guests that she and Rishi used to like each other and then their liking turned into love.

Then, she shows their marriage and honeymoon pictures to the guests and Lakshmi feels hurt.

Further, Neelam states she has seen Lakshmi and maybe she is back to ruin Rishi and Malishka's relationship.

Later, Lakshmi meets Harleen and Malishka sees her.

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