Bhagya Lakshmi: Lakshmi Meets Oberoi's Family

Bhagya Lakshmi: Lakshmi Meets Oberoi's Family

Lakshmi meets Oberoi's family after Anushka misunderstands Rishi's words and thinks he is planning a baby which makes Malishka and Neelam happy.

There, Lakshmi, Paro, and Shalu bid bye to the village to go to the city where Rishi meets Paro and takes her home.

He reveals Paro as Rohan's sister which shocks the family and they burst at Rishi to bring Paro.

Lakshmi comes to Oberoi's house to take Paro where Malishka sees her and gets a panic attack.

Further, she tells Neelam about it and they go to check Lakshmi in the temple where Neelam sees Lakshmi.

Will Lakshmi re-enter Rishi's life?

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