Bhagya Lakshmi: Latest Gossip! Stupid Malishka gets Rishi and Lakshmi arrested

Bhagya Lakshmi: Latest Gossip! Stupid Malishka gets Rishi and Lakshmi arrested

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In the latest episodes of the Bhagyalakshmi serial, Rishi tries to keep Lakshmi away from himself by drinking alcohol.

With the thought that Lakshmi hates drunkards and she'll leave him alone when she spots him drinking, Rishi gets drunk.

Even the audience is assured that Lakshmi will never leave Rishi's side because she is aware of the danger upon him but Rishi has no idea about the same.

The recent Bhagya Laxmi episodes show Rishi and Malishka making the two most idiotic moves resulting in great chaos.

On one hand, Rishi is in the belief that Lakshmi is collecting evidence against him.

To do the same for her, Rishi makes Lakshmi hand him over the glass of drink to prove that she makes him drink.

Meanwhile, untrustful Malishka wants to restrict Lakshmi from getting closer to Rishi for which she calls the police pretending to be Lakshmi and files a complaint of molestation.

The viewers are dumbfounded to see Rishi believe the police that Lakshmi had called them without even thinking that she was with him the whole time.

As the police are unsure of the truth after seeing Rishi and Lakshmi's typical married couple arguments, they arrest both of them, according to the spoilers of Bhagyalaxmi.

Let us see how will Lakshmi manage to get out of the lock-up along with Rishi who is still tipsy, in the upcoming episodes of Bhagya Lakshmi.

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