Bhagyalakshmi: Upcoming Story! Malishka's Engagement is put ON HOLD

Bhagyalakshmi: Upcoming Story! Malishka's Engagement is put ON HOLD

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In the upcoming story of Bhagya Lakshmi, Malishka’s engagement will be put on hold once again.

So far in the track of Bhagyalakshmi, Lakshmi has a heart-pounding encounter with the robbers when she desperately flees downstairs for her life.

Rishi unleashes his fury on the robbers, but when the light goes off, the goons escape, leaving everyone shocked by Lakshmi’s absence.

As per the Bhagyalaxmi serial spoiler, the goons have abducted Lakshmi while Rishi continues to have a bad feeling about her sudden disappearance.

Meanwhile, Neelam and Malishka attempt to console Rishi and encourage him to proceed with the engagement.

However, Rishi declines, expressing his desire for Lakshmi’s presence by his side.

In the future story of Bhagyalaxmi, Rishi will PAUSE his engagement with Malishka and embark on a quest to find Lakshmi.

This will ignite feelings of envy in Malishka towards Lakshmi and shatter her heart into a million fragments.

Let us see how Neelam responds to Rishi and Malsihka’s engagement being delayed once more because of Lakshmi in future episodes of Bhagyalakshmi.

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