Bharathi Kannamma: Upcoming Twist! Bharathi learns about Rohith

Bharathi Kannamma: Upcoming Twist! Bharathi learns about Rohith

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In the upcoming story of Bharathi Kannamma, Rohith accidentally encounters Kannamma in the hospital and she learns of his relationship with Venba. 

So far in the episode, Venba's mother forces Venba to marry Rohith and stop her from contacting Bharathi. 

Rohith showers his love for Venba, but she is hesitant towards him and ignores him. 

Now according to the spoilers, when Rohith and Venba go on a long drive they find a man met with an accident and suffering.

Rohith gets down from the car to help him and Venba checks his condition and suggests moving him to the hospital.

As per the gossip of the Bharathi Kannamma, Rohith admits the man to the hospital where Bharathi and Kannamma work. Kannamma finds Venba with Rohith and approaches him. 

In the future episodes, Kannamma interacts with Rohith and finds that he is their fiance of Venba. 

Kannamma calls Bharathi and introduces him to Rohith. He introduces Venba as his wife which shocks Bharathi. 

Let us see how Bharathi handles the truth and tackles Kannama in the upcoming episodes of Bharathi Kannamma.

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