Choti Sardarni: Daarji questions Meher

Choti Sardarni: Daarji questions Meher

Choti Sardarni gossip:

As per Choti Sardarni serial's upcoming twists, Meher (Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia) will get questioned by Daarji and will get hesitant to give out answers.

So far in Choti Sardarni story, Kulwant got arrested and she vowed to take revenge on Meher.

Meanwhile, in the last episode of Choti Sardarni, Sarab's Daarji and Daiji returned to his home after 25 years and announced that they will stay if they like the environment around them.

Now as per the spoilers of Choti Sardarni, Daarji will decide to see if Meher is fit for Sarab and will start questioning her.

She will manage to give out answers but will get hesitant in saying that Kulwant is her mother making Daarji curious.

Let's see what new twists will Daarji's entry bring in the upcoming story of Choti Sardarni.

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