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Daayan gossip updates: Satrupa to instigate Harsh

Daayan gossip updates: Satrupa to instigate Harsh

Daayan upcoming twist:

&TV’s popular supernatural serial Dayan will witness a major twist where Satrupa will manipulate Jhanvi’s brother, Harsh.

The ongoing story track of Daayan serial is rolling high on drama quotient with Jhanvi trying hard to save Akarsh from the trap of evil Satrupa.

In the last Dayan serial episode story, Satrupa joined hands with Daayan to separate Akarsh and Jhanvi forever by killing Jhanvi.

Now, as per latest spoilers, the upcoming weekend episodes of Dayan series will revolve around Satrupa and Harsh.

Satrupa will brainwash Harsh against his sister, Jhanvi.

Satrupa will take advantage of Harsh’s love for his dead wife.

Latest gossips suggest that Satrupa will advise him to worship Daayan and become her follower to bring his wife back to life.

Let’s see if Harsh falls in Satrupa’s trap or not in the future story twist of Daayan serial.

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