Divya Drishti latest gossip: Divya-Drishti to end in September 2019?

Divya Drishti latest gossip: Divya-Drishti to end in September 2019?

DivyaDrishti gossip update:

Mukta Dhond produced popular supernatural serial, Divya Drishti, might make an exit in September this year.

Based on the latest gossip news of Divya Drishti serial, the show was a finite episode series and so will have a logical and well-drawn climax in the near future.

The inside rumors of Divya Drashti serial indicate that the serial is most likely to play its last episode sometime in September 2019.

Though, nothing confirmed has been conveyed neither from the channel nor the production house.

In an interview with a news portal, Mukta Dhond stated that she is not aware of any closure news. The successful producer added that if Divya Dristhi continues to do well on the TRP charts there she doesn’t see an end of Divya Drishti soon.

The rumors suggest that the Divya Drishti time slot might be given to the upcoming mythological serial, Namah.

Further, as per the upcoming spoilers of Divya Drishti serial, Drishti and Divya will kill lizard Lavanya during their mission to save Simran from getting burst.

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