Divya Drishti Latest Gossip: Why does Mahima hate Drishti?

Divya Drishti Latest Gossip: Why does Mahima hate Drishti?

DivyaDrishti story updates:

The past episodes of Divya Drishti showed that Mahima always hates Dhrishti to the core.

What could be the reason why is she after Dristhi?

As per the last episode of Divya Drishti, Mahima wants Rakshit to pick Lavanya and leave Dristi.

Mahima is worried about Rakshit’s life and hence wants him to leave Drishti.

However, the story twists of Divya Drishti has several times shown that Drushti is protecting Rakshit from fatal dangers.

As per the latest gossips, probably, Mahima is aware of Drishti’s powers and wants to protect her son, Rakshit.

Based on the latest spoilers of Divya Dhristi serial, Drishti will be engrossed in finding ways to rescue Divya’s body from Pichaschini’s abduction.

We wonder how Drishti would handle both Mahima's problem and saving Divya.

Let’s see how the future story of Divya-Drashti unfolds and reveals the secret.

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