Faltu: Serial Gossip! Pappi Threatens to Destroy Ayaan’s Mart!

Faltu: Serial Gossip! Pappi Threatens to Destroy Ayaan’s Mart!

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In the upcoming story of Faltu, Pappi will blackmail Faltu saying that he will destroy Ayaan’s mart for helping her.

So far in the serial Faltu, Ayaan completed his engagement and left the house without informing anyone to save Faltu from the driver and the goons after her calling him.

Now as per the spoilers of the serial, Ayaan will take Faltu to his Bua, Vilekha’s house and will tell her that she will be staying there until she gets enrolled into a sports academy.

Meanwhile, Siddharth informs the whole Mittal family and Tanisha that he saw Ayaan leaving the engagement to find some girl.

In the upcoming twists of the serial, Pappi talks to Faltu and tells her that he is going to destroy Ayaan’s Mart in Ittarpur for helping her elope and will further come after her to Mumbai.

Let us see if Pappi does something to Ayaan’s mart or if it is just an empty threat to scare Faltu in the future episode of the Faltu serial.

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