Faltu: Upcoming Story! Faltu chooses Self-Respect over Ayaan!

Faltu: Upcoming Story! Faltu chooses Self-Respect over Ayaan!

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In the upcoming story of Faltu, Faltu will decide to leave Ayaan and not see his face again ever, choosing her self-respect and dignity first.

So far in the serial Faltu, Faltu discovered that Ayaan is a hospital at the same hospital where she is and prays for his health to return.

Now as per the spoilers of the serial, Tanu also arrives there and brainwashes Faltu into thinking that the family does not care for her.

Once Ayaan gets better, Faltu decides to leave not even meeting him with the promise to not show her face to him again after the humiliation he caused her.

In future episodes, we will Ayaan rushing out of the hospital to find Faltu and realize his fault.

At the same time, Ruhaan will also try to convince Faltu to live with him after apologizing to her.

Will Ayaan be able to find Faltu after trampling her self-respect?

Let us see if Ayaan and Faltu reunite or not in the future episode of the serial while Ruhaan is in a dilemma how he has developed a soft corner for Faltu.

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