GHKKPM: Sai brings decoration for birthday party

GHKKPM: Sai brings decoration for birthday party

GHKPM Gossip:

As per GHKKPM serial's upcoming story, Sai (Ayesha Singh) will bring decoration stuff for a birthday party while everyone will wonder whose birthday is the stuff for.

The current track of GHKPM serial revolves around Virat trying to get close to Sai and confess his feelings but failing while Pakhi gets upset seeing them together.

Further, in the latest episode of GHKKPM, Karishma prepared food that Sai liked while Pakhi got jealous and called Sai Bhavani's favourite daughter-in-law.

Now as per the upcoming twists of GHKKPM, Sai will bring home birthday party decoration while Sonali will guess that it is Pakhi's birthday.

However, Pakhi will suggest that maybe it is Sai's birthday. Sai will say that only Virat will make her birthday special for her which will make the family members wonder whose birthday is it.

Let's see who's birthday Sai is planning to celebrate in the future spoilers of GHKPM.

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