GHKKPM: Vinayak Sculpts Patralekha as his Yashoda Maa!

GHKKPM: Vinayak Sculpts Patralekha as his Yashoda Maa!

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In the upcoming story of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Vinayak will sculpt Patralekha as his Yashodha Maa. 

So far in the story of GHKKPM, Patralekha has been a loving mother to Vinayak since his adoption & is very close to him.

Later, Patralekha compares herself to Mother Yashodha when some woman belittles her love for an adopted child during Bhavani's voting speech.

Patralekha's video gets viral but Vinayak gets impressed and proud of Patralekha's speech.

As per the latest spoiler of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, Vinayak will make a sculpture of Yashodha and Kanha ji and dedicate it to Patralekha.

Veenu will describe himself as Kanha Ji who was loved by Mother Yashodha just like Pakhi loves him.

What will happen now? Will Sai get jealous to see Patralekha getting Vinayak's love and devotion?

Let us continue to watch future story episodes of GHKKPM to find out how Patralekha's emotional moment with Vinayak fills Sai with maternal envy and whether she tells Patralekha Vinayak's truth in the heat of the moment or not.

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