Imli: Imlie finds out about Nishant's illness

Imli: Imlie finds out about Nishant's illness

Imli serial gossip:

In the upcoming twists of Imli serial, Imlie (Sumbul Touqeer) will find out that Nishant has blood cancer and will decide to meet him.

Up until now in Imli story, Anu revealed to Malini that Dev had an affair with a lady from Pagdandiya and that Imli might be Dev's daughter.

In the last episode of Imli, the Tripathi's confronted Aditya as to why he went to meet Imlie which angered him.

Now as per the spoilers of Imli, Imli will find out about Leukaemia meaning blood cancer and will remember that Nishant has Leukaemia.

She will further go to Tripathi house to meet Nishant and to reveal the truth to them but Aparna and Radha will behave rudely with her and will tell her to leave.

Let's see what will Imlie do next in the upcoming story of Imli.

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