Imli: KC lies to save Malini

Imli: KC lies to save Malini

Imli spoiler:

As per Imli serial's upcoming twists, KC will see Malini (Mayuri Deshmukh) arriving with Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajani) and Imlie (Sumbul Touqueer Khan) and will act as her boyfriend to save her.

Up until now in the Imli story, Malini went to the Tripathi house to congratulate Aditya on his birthday while the family behaved rudely with her.

Further, the family was shattered upon finding out that Nishant has Leukemia while Imlie tried to convince Aditya to postpone their relationship announcement.

Now as per the serial gossip of Imli, Aditya and Imlie will be at the court for Satyakaam's case hearing with KC while Malini will also arrive there.

However, KC will think it saves her from the situation and will tightly gig her to show affection.

Let's see how Malini will react to this in the upcoming story of Imli.

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