Imli Spoiler: Imlie to go in search of Aditya

Imli Spoiler: Imlie to go in search of Aditya

Imli Spoiler:

In the upcoming Imli serial episodes, Imlie will go in search of Aditya promising Aparna that she will bring him back.

So far in the Imli story, Imlie tries to comfort Aparna but she pushed her away and said blamed Imlie for Aditya's supposed demise.

Further, the police called them to come to the mortuary and identify the body they found at the end of the cliff which was later identified as not Aditya but Harish.

Now as per the upcoming story of Imli, Imlie will tell everyone that Aditya is still alive and that she is going to bring him back but no one will believe her.

Further, lmlie will promise that she will bring Aditya back before she completes making the Kheer for him after while Dulari and Mithi will bless Imlie that she gets successful in her mission to find Aditya, according to the gossips of Imli.

Let's see if Imlie finds Aditya in the upcoming twists of Imlie

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