Imli Upcoming Story: Malini frames Imlie

Imli Upcoming Story: Malini frames Imlie

Imli upcoming story:

In the future Imli serial episodes, Malini will frame Imlie and will make Aditya believe that Imlie wants to harm her.

The current story of Imli story revolves around Imlie and Aditya getting in an argument for Malini while he storms away from there.

Later, Imlie plans to celebrate her first Karvachauth with Aditya while Malini calls him and acts of getting into an accident after which he leaves Imlie in the middle of breaking the fast and bringing Malini home.

Now as per the upcoming twists of Imli, Malini will act of fainting, and the whole family will come with her to drop her to her room and will make her sleep on the bed.

However, a knife will come out of the pillow and will tear Malini's saree and Aditya will see many knives behind the pillow while Malini will act and will say that she is glad that the knife didn't hurt her child, according to the spoilers of Imli.

Let's see what will Imlie do next in the future gossips of Imli.

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