Imlie Climax, Imli going off air, End Date, Last Episode, Imlie Season 2 Start Date

Imlie Climax, Imli going off air, End Date, Last Episode, Imlie Season 2 Start Date

Imlie Climax Story, Ending Date, Final Episode, Upcoming Story, Trending News:

In the upcoming story of the Imlie serial, the show is reaching its happy ending with Cheeni learning about Aryan and Imlie's marriage and deciding to play Cupid.

So far in the Imlie serial, Aryan saves Imlie from getting locked up by proving her innocent in front of the police and even eating a laddoo made by her as evidence.

Later, Cheeni pressures Meethi to inform her of the truth about Imlie and Aryan's relationship and finally learns that they were once married.

Further, Cheeni decides to play cupid for the couple and decides to sneak into Aryan's car and go to Delhi with him while Imlie follows them to Delhi.

It is expected that Chini will refuse to go with Imlie and insist on staying with Aryan which will lead to Imlie also staying with the Rathore family.

Slowly and gradually, Cheeni will manage to clear Imlie and Aryan's misunderstandings and will bring them together while exposing Malini's deeds to everyone.

Finally, towards the end, Chini will learn that she is actually Malini's biological daughter but will state that for her, Imlie is her mother.

The show will end with a happy note on Aryan and Imlie forgiving each other and starting their family with Cheeni as their daughter.

Imlie is expected to end by September end.

Rumors of a second season of the well-loved serial Imlie is circling the talks with the information that Imlie 2 will focus on a grown-up Cheeni's story.

Let's see if the serial ends with this storyline or if a new drama erupts before the ending in the upcoming episodes of the Imlie serial.

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