Imlie: Latest Spoilers! Atharva confronts Imli!

Imlie: Latest Spoilers! Atharva confronts Imli!

In the upcoming story of Imlie, Atharva will confront Imli.

The current track of Imlie revolves around Cheeni hiding the fact that she saw Imlie at the summer camp with Kerry from Atharva.

Meanwhile, Dhairya is growing feelings for Imlie while Rudra also wants Imlie to move on.

According to the latest spoiler of the serial, the Rana family as well as Cheeni-Atharva will be arriving at the fancy dress competition for Kerry.

However, Atharva will get shocked to see Imlie in front of him, consoling a hurt Kerry who falls down at the fancy dress competition. 

As per the upcoming twist of Imlie, Rudra also discovers that Atharva is ALIVE but hides the information from Imlie who has been living with just Atharva's memories.

What will happen now? Will Atharva confront Imlie after all the pain both of them have gone through?

Let us watch the future episodes of Imlie to see how Atharva & Imli's interaction takes place while Cheeni fears getting caught with her hiding information from Atharva.

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