Imlie: Latest Twist! Aryan becomes Keri's A Lion!

Imlie: Latest Twist! Aryan becomes Keri's A Lion!

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In the upcoming story of the Imlie serial, Keri will flirt with Aryan and will call him her A Lion making Gudiya jealous.

So far in the Imlie serial, Imlie has entered the Rathore house disguised as Keri, a friend from Pagdandiya who has come to help Imlie.

According to the spoilers of the Imlie serial, Keri flirts with Aryan and calls him A Lion while giving him more portions of pasta and the rest of the family.

Now as per the twists of the Imlie serial, Neela berates Keri for flirting with Aryan while Keri will say that Aryan is her A Lion as his name starts from A and the English of his middle name Singh is Lion.

So, Aryan is Imlie's ABP and Keri's A Lion.

In the future episodes, we will see Imlie trying to find a clue disguised as Keri while Aryan will suspect her.

Let's see if Imlie can get to the bottom of the situation with the help of her alter personality Keri in the upcoming episodes of the Imlie serial.

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