Imlie: Latest Twist! Imli to insult Aryan at the party!

Imlie: Latest Twist! Imli to insult Aryan at the party!

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In the upcoming story of serial Imlie, Imlie will insult Aryan by doing all the chores and cleaning in front of the high-class guests of Aryan.

So far in Imlie's story, after the troublesome marriage of Aryan and Imlie, the viewers will see the sweet and sour relationship of AryLie.

As per the spoilers of Imlie, Aryan asks Imlie to dress beautifully for their party after the marriage.

However, it hurts Imlie that Aryan is taunting her for her clothes.

When Aryan waits for Imlie to come down and meet the guests, Imlie comes all decked up but not with clothes.

Imlie surprises Aryan by getting dressed with all the cleaning groom and sticks.

She starts cleaning the floor with the mop and later taunts Aryan.

According to the latest twist of the serial Imlie, Imlie will taunt Aryan that her identity can not be defined by the costly clothes given by Aryan.

Get ready to see sour Imlie giving a tough time to Aryan in the future episodes of the serial.

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