Imlie: New Promo! Atharva asks Imli to Stay Away From Dhairya!

Imlie: New Promo! Atharva asks Imli to Stay Away From Dhairya!

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In the upcoming story of Imlie, Atharva asks Imlie to stay away from Dhairya!

The current track of the Imlie serial revolves around Akash being thrown out of the company by Rudra after he learns about the fraud committed by Akash and blames it on Dhairya.

Meanwhile, Imlie makes Atharva realize that Rudra needs him at the office. 

According to the latest spoiler of Imli, Keya mixes sleeping pills in Atharva's food so he is not able to complete the office's presentation on time as her revenge.

Meanwhile, Rudra hands the responsibility to Dhairya to make Atharva understand the office dealings as he is new. 

As per the new promo launched of the show, Imlie is searching for Atharva while a water tank is about to fall on her.

However, Dhairya saves her just in time. 

In the upcoming twist of Imlie, Atharva sees Dhairya getting closer to Imlie and gets possessive.

Is Dhairya going to be perceived as a new threat by Atharva to his & Imlie's relationship?

Let us watch the future episodes of Imlie to see how Dhairya's presence makes Atharva rattle & insecure.

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