Imlie: Upcoming Promo! Imli is in love trouble

Imlie: Upcoming Promo! Imli is in love trouble

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In the upcoming story of Imlie, Imlie will be in love trouble.

The current track of Imlie revolves around Imlie feels attracted to Agastya but her contract often keeps her at bay. 

However, Imlie becomes shocked when Agastya tells Amrit that he can die for her. 

Later, Sonali points out to Imlie that although she has entered this marriage with false beliefs her heart is singing a different song. 

According to the latest twists of Imlie, Imlie realises that she cannot keep herself away from Agastya and questions her feelings for him.

Let us see in the future episodes of Imlie to find out how Imlie finds herself in love trouble when her heart beats faster everytime Agastya is near while their contract comes to an end. 

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