Imlie: Upcoming Promo! Imlie gets a New Fan After Akash Frames Dhairya!

Imlie: Upcoming Promo! Imlie gets a New Fan After Akash Frames Dhairya!

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In the upcoming story of Imlie, Imlie will get a new fan in form of Dhairya after Akash frames him for the money he stole, putting the blame on Dhairya.

The current story of Imlie revolves around Akash contacting a colleague and asking him to accuse Dhariya of the entire $50k fraud since the latter is absent due to his mother's illness. 

Rudra considers Imlie to be a fantastic, trustworthy, and industrious candidate for this role, while Imlie thinks of joining Rudra and Akash's organization and supporting them.

According to the latest twists of Imlie, Dhariya will create new problems in Imlie's life to exemplify to the company that Dhariya is the perfect person for the company, not Imlie.

Imlie, amidst not knowing what is going to happen in her life, appears to be confident and ready to embrace this new phase.

As per the future story, Dhariya will attempt to cause conflict between Atharva and Imlie so that she is unable to balance her personal and professional lives and loses both.

Let us see how Dhairya causes issues with Atharva and Imlie's newfound relationship, as well as Imlie's ability to overcome all obstacles in her path in future episodes of Imlie.

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