Imlie: Upcoming Shocking Twist! Imli’s Karvachauth Gets Ruined

Imlie: Upcoming Shocking Twist! Imli’s Karvachauth Gets Ruined

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In the upcoming story of the Imlie serial, Imlie’s Karvachauth will get ruined because of Agastya’s absence.

So far in Imli, Imlie has found out that Agastya is not the legitimate son of the Choudhary family and went after him to console him and bring him back home.

Meanwhile, Sonali has been sent back to her in-law’s house with Amrita where she continues to break down recalling what happened to her.

According to the latest spoilers of Imlie, Imli and the rest of the family ladies are preparing for the Karvachauth when Agastya comes there informing them that two employees of their shop have died due to a fire at the shop.

In future episodes, Agastya will get arrested as the families of the dead employees will sue him while Imlie will get busy trying to get him out of there.

Will be able to break her Karvachauth fast or will Agastya continue to stay in jail?

Let's see if Imlie can save Agastya in the upcoming episodes of Imli.

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