Imlie: Upcoming Story! Imlie is Meethi and Cheeni is Theeki! How Come?

Imlie: Upcoming Story! Imlie is Meethi and Cheeni is Theeki! How Come?

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In the upcoming story of the Imlie serial, the story is headed for a leap with new faces carrying the legacy of the top TRP show.

Megha Chakraborty is the new Imlie while Seerat Kapoor is the new grown-up Cheeni.

As per the spoilers of the serial, the makers have beautifully played with the names of the lead characters.

Imlie is meant to be sour and spicy however, Imlie in the show is sweet.

Meanwhile, Cheeni is supposed to be sweet and sugary however, Chini in the show has turned out to be sour and spicy.

In the upcoming twists of the serial, Chini was brainwashed by Malini before her death which will impact Cheeni's relationship with Meethi Imlie to a great extent.

The show will give the audience a tongue-twitching taste of Imlie's tangy and sweet nature and Cheeni's spicy nature.

So the producers are trying to convey that the Imlie serial is a combination of spice, sweet and sourness which means drama, romance and sorrow.

Let us see how the sweet and sour relationship between Cheeni and Imlie brings a new flavour to the audience in the after-leap story of the Imlie serial.

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