Imlie: Upcoming Twist! Agastya Gives Imli A Whiplash

Imlie: Upcoming Twist! Agastya Gives Imli A Whiplash

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In the upcoming story of Imli, Agastya will give Imlie a whiplash.

So far in the track of this serial, Imlie returns to the Chaudhary Mansion.

According to the latest spoilers, Amrit is almost about to raise his hand at Imlie when Sonal blocks his hand.

Further, she asks him why he is doing such a feat.

As per Imlie's serial gossips, Imlie declares to Sonal that after witnessing Amrit's behaviour, it is safe to say that he is the one who put the shop to fire.

As per the new promo, Chaudhary's boycott Imlie after knowing about her profession while she begs Agastya to trust her that it is Amrit who was the traitor.

What will happen now? Will Agastya believe Imlie despite what everyone else is saying?

Let us watch the upcoming episodes of Imli to see what happens and what decision Agastya makes.

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